Sunday, April 09, 2006

From the Loose Change Viewing at the University of Buffalo

Well, tonight I had the pleasure of attending a screening of Loose Change 2nd Edition at the University of Buffalo, and I gotta tell you it was an incredibly uplifting experience. To be in a room with other concerned citizens and University Professors, discussing this topic intelligently, was a refreshing change. Of course, the vocal minority was also present, shooting their mouths off with asinine statements that such a conspiracy couldn't be possible, as if that statement and that statement alone trumps the mountains of evidence that had just been presented. The night started out interestingly enough, I was loitering around the halls of the university, hanging up a few flyers, when Korey, Dylan, and Jason came charging in; dressed all in black, video equipment in hand, and determined looks on their faces. After letting them settle in, I introduced myself, and we chatted for a bit. This was the first time I had ever met any other Truthers, so it was quite an exciting experience.I also ran into a few other activists, one of which was actually handing out Deception Dollars!! Anyway, the show went on and it was well received by the 60 or so attendees. Afterwards, an extensive question and answer session followed and touched on such topics as the supposed DNA evidence from the Pentagon, the Moussaoui trial, and Silverstein. I was very impressed by the way Korey, Dylan, and Jason handled the questions, and I'll tell you this much, anyone who thinks these are just young kids that can be pushed around and intimidated better think again. They defended their positions in a non-confrontational manner, considered other people's opinions fairly, and admitted that they simply do not know all the answers.I also learned a couple of other things; Korey was in the military which should immediately silence critics that would label them as unpatriotic, Loose Change will be premiering in AT LEAST 300 movie theatres this September, and they are spearheading a campaign for a major event at Ground Zero this September 11th.David Ray Griffin and many other of the more prominent members of the 9/11 Truth Movement receive a fair bit of recognition for their activism and tours. These guys are on the road constantly, travelling the country, doing 3 or 4 events a week and receive little recognition. That needs to change:Well Done Guys! Keep it up, and I'll see you in Toronto in a few weeks!!


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