Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just a Thought

I woke up this morning thinking about this. If you watch the answers from people who support this war, most of them agree that the war is for the "greater good". They would say the getting Saddam out of there and "liberating" the Iraqi people are what we are there for. Not to mention the WMD's.

So basically the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people, the deaths of thousands our own soldiers and others from around the world, the wounding of tens of thousands of soldiers, the enormous amount of money that is being spent, is all worth it. Most who support this war want to send more U.S. soldiers there for godsake so they must believe it is being done for the "greater good".

But what if the people involved with pulling off 9/11 were told that it was for the same things? That we needed this event to happen in order to free the people of the Middle East. That it had to happen to get rid of Saddam. That they have WMD's that they want to use on us.

Wouldn't they have had the same mentality that the war supporters have?

The strange thing that comes from all of this is that the war supporters are the same kind of people who would be willing to allow 9/11 to happen. All for the "greater good" of course.


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